Zoo Adventure Journey

Classic, Versatile & Enduring Style

Zoo Adventure designs timeless utility wear that is effortlessly chic whilst remaining functional and comfortable for modern women on the move. The lifestyle-driven collection merges the worlds of travel and nature, driven by simplicity, versatility, and durability. 

Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes such as vast savannas, rolling valleys and lush jungles, the form and cut of our designs flow harmoniously with the body's contours producing an exceptional fit and flattering cut. 

Featuring neutral tones and earthy colour palettes, each ready-to-wear piece exudes an enduring and understated style that can be easily incorporated into a classic daily wardrobe. 


Slow & Sustainable 

Founded and manufactured in Bali, Zoo Adventure was consciously created with comfort in mind,  using only ethical practices and sustainable fabrics. We want our customers to not only look great but also feel great about the origins of their garments. 

Constructed with durability and quality craftsmanship, we manufacture in small quantities to minimise energy usage and waste. We have a zero-use approach to plastic and package our garments in compostable alternatives.

We carefully select partner manufacturers who hold high production quality and social welfare standards. This includes fair wages, reasonable hours and a healthy, humane work environment. To ensure these standards are maintained,  our partner manufacturers are certified by Qualspec Australia (an industry regulatory body) which conducts regular audits.